Friday, 8 June 2012

The States order paper for next week has been published, see OrderPaper

BNotices of lodged propositions include

Economic Growth and Diversification Strategy.
Lodged: 1st June 2012.
Council of Ministers.

Draft Income Support (Amendment No. 8) (Jersey) Regulations 201-.
Lodged: 1st June 2012.
Minister for Social Security.

Oral Questions include
  Deputy G.C.L. Baudains of St. Clement will ask the following question of the Minister for
Planning and Environment –
“Would the Minister update members on the genetically modified Jersey Royal potato

 Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Chief Minister –
“Will the Chief Minister clarify precisely what the perceived problems are with the terms of
reference for the historic abuse enquiry as proposed by Verita; would he state whether Mr.
Andrew Williamson has been engaged to review the terms of reference and, if so, what the cost
of his engagement is?”


  1. Is that for real about genetically modified Jersey Royals experiment or have I just fallen for a wind up?

    On the radio the other day someone mentioned that the Jersey spuds are not allowed to be grown with Vraic as the fertiliser due to EU regulations, hence the difference in taste. I had heard this a few years ago, not sure how true but was surprised the newsreader had not heard any mention of it before whether true or not. I did once buy some spuds from a local farmer who went to great lenghts to explain his crop would taste different to what I might be used to because he had used Vraic, I dont think he realised I was a bean hence his need to explain but at the time I thought al the best ones were grown with Vraic.

    If the EU thinkg is true, do you know the reason for it being banned. Seems pathetic to me, surely it cant be any worse than using horse crap?

  2. No not a wind up. They commissioned some work about 12 years ago. Odd really given there is a long standing policy of not having GM in Jersey.

    I am not aware of regs forbidding vraic - the soil association rules certainly do permit it, as long as it is not cut commerically and does not include marl or calcified forms that are effectively non-renewable.

  3. I have asked someone who knows a local commercial grower about the use of vraic so will post the answer when I get it. Funnily enough when I asked someone else piped up they thought the same about the EU regulations barring its use no would be good to hear from a spud grower first hand.