Monday, 17 September 2012

Jersey scandal has national implications

Diligence and persistence by a UK MP reveals that 5 children were sent into care in Jersey from Birmingham. Four have been traced, but one remains unknown. Importantly other authorities are also implicated, though some have refused to even check the facts! See MP-report-reveals.html

 It is impossible not to juxtapose charred remains, unexplained pits and now proven at least one missing person. It is not conclusive, but the weight of evidence shifted towards  the most chilling of conclusions. Even if death did not occur, and we really dont know one way or the other with confidence, it is clear that something wrong was happening on a very large scale. 

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  1. Good research Mark, this is the trouble with coverups and lies, the truth seeps out from the places you would least expect.

    Another reason for the Verita TOR's to not only be used but widened in a far reaching inquiry, so that Jerseys States can at last come clean and be seen to be whiter than white. It is the only way to put this bad episode behind and to move forward.

    Lets remember also there is a book going to be published by an American author which will again make Jersey ( and its people ) look worse than unsavoury.