Wednesday, 14 November 2012

What is the point of Government?

"Parliament has to stand on the side of the powerless. Whitehall mandarins, judges, BBC managers, council bureaucrats and professionals all have their own interests and a desire to hide mistakes. Parliament needs to balance the scales on the side of the weak—those without wealth who are crying out and not being heard."

John Hemming M.P. in House of Commons yesterday. 

Anyone going to argue with that?


  1. John Hemming like Stuart Syvret is a well known loon and nobody with an ounce of intelligence takes any notice of either anymore.

    1. Im sure you will find they are both members of Hominidae, not Gaviidae.

      I would not normally allow such pointless and unconstructive comment through. You did not actually contribute anything , either way, to what is the point of Government. To refute a statement merely on the basis of its source is a very weak form of argument, almost valueless. See