Thursday, 12 February 2015


I have tried a number of times to compose a response to the Council of Ministers' proposed priorities 2015-18 document. It has been challenging not least because the document makes absolutely no sense to me. Which is a great pity as I broadly agree at least two of the four priorities ought to be objectives for the life of this elected States.  So instead of a structured posting I'm going to post some observations and see if someone elese can make a coherent formulation of either the Ministers' priorities or my notes.

I'll start at the beginning – the contents page. Now you know things are bad when even the contents page causes a problem. We have three sections presented - setting the scene, then developing the priorities, followed by creating a sustainable future. The first two seem sensible, but the third does not flow or follow. The largest part of the section has nothing to say about the future, it spends much of its wording giving justification for the selection of the four priorities. But crucially a sustainable future is NOT one of those priorities. Why would you have a major heading of a section with a title that is most definitely not what the document is not about? Either it is grossly incompetent or there is a will to deceive the casual reader of the real nature of the contents.

It is very confusing to have page numbers the header of part of the document, but not all of it. It makes referencing difficult as the on screen display does not match the layout version.

On to the Introduction. Nothing much there about the content, but why include a whole blank page with just the word Introduction on it? A complete waste for anyone who had decided to print the document.