Monday, 12 September 2016

An interesting informal scale

I came across this idea a few years ago, but I've realised more recently it is probably applicable rather more widely than  its original purpose.  I have a dim recollecton of something similar applying to communication and IQ. 

It is important to point out that this is an informal scale.  There is no science or  evidence behind it, just observation that it kind of fits.  It is a logarithmic scale in 10 divisions and it applies to people so level 10 is just 1 person , level 9 10 people, level 3 100 and so on.  As it happens level 10 would be 10billion, a very crude approximation to the humans on the planet.  That's one reason the scale has appeal.

The other observation is  that wherever you are on the scale anyone a level or two higher is sort of cool, 3  levels higher is a touch nutty, and more than that is crazy. Similarly,  one level lower are ignorant, three levels back are all but intolerable!

The original scale was done by Paul Wheaton and refers to permaculture .  I was rather amazed to see I have had meetings with and have conversed and corresponded with two of the 10 people at level 9 on the original scale.

 There is an easier to read version of this graphic at Wheaton Eco Scale

I haven't done the figures, but I suspect global wealth fits a similar pattern.  I can imagine athletic ability is also similarly distributed.

If you  want to know where I fit on the eco scale,  I'm not saying!  Judge where you are and figure out if I am a nut  or intolerably far behind.

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