Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Groundhog reform day is June 4th.

Yes there is to be another States debate on  (not) reforming themselves.  Given the criticism made by the Commonwealth observers at the last election, it is hard  to see how no change can be supported.  PPC have a proposal that pretty much  meets all the expected international convention criteria.  You can see the proposal explained at   -voting-reform-cards-again/

I think there is a small wrinkle that can be dealt with in an amendment.  As it stands it is possible in these constituencies that none of the representatives lives, works or has any tie to one of the member parishes.  Most likely to affect St Mary because of it's small population. 

To deal with that I would argue  for  giving the  constables  a right of audience (not a vote) in the States Assembly to raise parish specific matters.  I would also argue they should have the right to make a proposition  but only where requested to do so by a Parish Assembly. 

Of course that still leaves a problem that there is no overall Island wide mandate for anyone.  No change is going to give everyone what they want.  On the plus side, potentially, just nine districts would mean a party or campaign group could realistically aim to have a representative stand in every constituency.  We might get some seriously thought out, comprehensive and detailed competing manifestos and programmes for government.  Wouldn't that be novel.


  1. Constable Len Norman said that he wanted a States composed of Deputies only and that Constables should not have an automatic seat in he States.
    He has been a Deputy, a Senator and a Constable so there is only Jurat left unless the rules are changed so that he can become Speaker.
    If this 2012 video interview YouTube link works it is surprising to see how many things remain to be reformed but the Constable advised then "not to hold your breath"....
    https://youtu.be/FxsA5C6iAhM otherwise try Len Norman Tom Gruchy YouTube....

    1. I think the Constable had in mind deputies representing areas much the same as now. In that case each district is sure to have a specific representative. Though it is still likely to have a problem with uncontested elections. The amenment would not be needed in that case, but is when larger multimember constituencies are proposed. In truth the frequency of requets and policy discussion at parish assemblies if going to make itmore a theoretical than a practical right to bring a proposition.

  2. Just in case this did not reach you - trying again. This is the link to Constable Norman's 2012 interview