Friday, 18 May 2012

Down is up

The platform that hosts Jersey Today is down for maintenance today. You should still be able to read the latest paper as I managed to beat the deadline this monrning. However tomorrow's edition many not appear, or only in limited form. The platform changes sound good, including a facility to archive papers. Another improvement due is a facility for curators like me to be able to view contents before publishing. That may help me a lot as I'll be able to widen the filters knowing I'll have a chance to cull the irrelavant bits before it goes public.

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  1. Hi,

    I wrote this before I read your above post re. archiving.
    I thought I had been blind, but I now see it is a new fac.


    I note that there is a facility for accessing back issues of the 'Jersey Today' online paper via the "archives" hyperlink towards the top left of it's page.

    Is this obvious enough or is it worth highlighting it more; can you make it bigger and brighter or perhaps mention it in the text near "Feedback, Comments? You ....."
    Perhaps something like "Back issues are available by ........" ?

    This "archives" hyperlink only seems to access the previous 8 days issues.

    Compiling this newspaper must take you some effort and forms part of the public record of the island (and further afield) -is there any way of accessing issues from further back ?

    As you and your linked sites are beating the JEP on many of the more important stories, as a matter of record it would be useful to have an archive available even if they have to be stored outside of the "" site.