Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Thank You - 1,000 up

I started this online newspaper as an experiment.  I had an idea and wanted to check out what already existed so I started playing with paper.li.  As it happens my doings were spotted  and posted on another blog, so Jersey Today was born.

Now after roughly 20 days of being in the public eye we shall sometime on the 16th May pass the 1000 views. Lots of you have re-tweeted and liked on Facebook, so I figure I'm doing something right here.  And a big thank you for spreading the message.  It is still an experiment, and I have identified some very irritating limitations with paper.li.  Equally it does a lot that would be a huge effort to do myself.

I am working on some additional  ideas.  This site for one to enable me to link to items like pdfs that paper.li does not handle at all well. It also gives you a chance to comment if you have constructive suggestions or valid criticisms.

The graphic below has active links within it. The headline Jersey Today should take you back to the paper. The section heading on the right will bring up the items under that heading into the left panel and you can scroll down using the slider in the middle if appropriate. Failing that click this link Jersey Today


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    1. I found this blog by following a link from the "Jersey Today" newspaper / Jersey island news aggregateor.

      There does not yet seem to be a clickable link to get back to the newspaper but pasting the following into the web browser address line should work:


    2. Thank you for commenting. The graphic has links in it - but I see the point it is not obvious. I'll add some text to the entry

  2. Congratulations and thank you for a great site Dr.Forskitt.

    The way this is going it will get a really good Jersey CI following and a few from off the island who appreciate your selection of international news links.

    Jersey people are waking up to the abuse of the politically connected Jersey media monopoly which under-reports or even censors information or opinion that it wants to suppress or marginalise.

    On an individual level this is irritating but on a macro level it goes some way to explaining many of the ills of our community from poor immigration control -Our business infatuated politicians have allowed this in the name of "growth" with no heed to the longer term consequences, or the fact that it was against the wishes of the majority of islanders.

    The Island's only newspaper (the JEP) was owned by ex-Chief Minister Frank Walker and I gather is still largely controlled by the Walker family. This would not matter so much if there were other Jersey newspapers but with the continuous selective and partisan coverage by the JEP which goes into overdrive before elections it is really probably the Guiton Group / Claverley Media rather than the electorate who choose the government.

    What would Lord Levson say? : A business and politically local connected press monopoly on a rich "Treasure Island" tax haven; steering the population, choosing and (even controlling) the government !
    A gravy train with that sort of momentum will take some stopping, but it will go off the rails as the new media undermine it's foundations.

    The local population are slowly waking up. They seem largely mystified by the poor quality of government and representation from their politicians but this is an inevitable consequence of sleepwalking into the voting booths with nothing in your head except what the JEP has determinedly fed you.

    Keep up the good work and watch out for the inevitable dirty tricks.


    1. Thank you for commenting. Yes the JEP was part of the Guiton Group and the former Chief Minster was a significant shareholder, and as I recall chairman of the group. It is now owned by a UK group (Claverly), like so many local businesses since the advent of 0-10.

      Leveson would indeed have a field day here see Leveson

  3. I posted this on my New Agenda blogg in comment on the Guardian Article Jersey's 'secrecy culture' led to my suspension, says former police chief.

    Graham Power claims he was punished for daring to investigate allegations against some of the island's power players
    The Jersey "Establishment" are a very secret society and are more powerful and influential than can be imagined. The scandal of Haut de la Garenne and the wider "Historic Child Abuse" investigation are only the tip of a very large iceberg. Planning decisions,building activities, states housing, changes of use, criminal investigations and much much more, have never resulted in anything more than a letter to the editor in the Jersey Evening Post. As someone who lives on the mainland but frequently travels to the Island to visit friends, it never ceases to amaze me that these activities are rarely if ever discussed, but strangely seem to be widely known. It is as if a collective fear of reprisal grips the ordinary Jersey person. It is for example, "rumored" that a tenant of the States attempted to form a residents association on the estate where he and his family were living. Within days, he was advised that he and any others joining such a seditious organisation, would be summarily evicted from their homes. There are very limited rights of appeal in Jersey, either in employment or civil matters, and the "Clameur de Haro" is usually, albeit infrequently, for matters affecting land. The residents association was never formed. When someone actually takes on the establishment, and exposes the excesses of their activities, they are immediately subjected to criticism, ridicule, spurious allegations and even criminal prosecution, as in the case of Stuart Syvret. Stewart was elected to the States in 1990 as Deputy for a three year term and then in 1993 as Senator. His activities in exposing wrong doings in Jersey and then his expulsion from the States in 2010, are well documented elsewhere, and demonstrate the odious nature of the Jersey hierarchy and its powers. Even senior police officers have great difficulty carrying out their investigations in this secretive Island as Graham Power and Lenny Harper have found to their cost. No doubt as time moves on, more light may be shed onto the dealings taking place on this beautiful 45 square miles of Island sitting just 12 miles off the coast of France, but this may take some time. The Island is spoilt only by the rustle of money slushing around the corridors and back rooms and the sound of slamming doors as the "establishment" closes ranks.