Saturday, 14 July 2012

BBC Interview with Stuart Syvret

Courtesy of the BBC I have an mp3 and permission to post so the usual week limit on iplayer can be overcome. This interview with Simon Jupp was given 29th June following the series of articles in the Guardian newspaper, particularly this secrecy culture

If the player does not show, try this link: Stuart Syvret BBC interview


  1. The way Stuart speaks and handles the media would make him the perfect Chief Minister to represent Jersey the world over,not like the muppets we have had in the past and present for that matter.

  2. Stuart Syvret is asking the questions of the Jersey media that need to be asked. This requires an interesting reversal of roles for a political activist and a media reporter. The complicit role of the local media in the child abuse cover-up and especially the passivity of the BBC headquarters regarding the Jersey BBC 's well documented role in ignoring most of the evidence related to this entire saga, will, I believe, become an international media story in itself. Even here in the US, many of us have written to BBC to complain about the observable bias in Jersey, only to receive surprisingly defensive replies. Should journalists with the Guardian or any other outside mainstream media cover the BBC's role, there would be plenty of evidence, starting with the profound and highly suspicious implications of BBC Jersey ignoring the statement of Graham Power, as referenced in the interview.

  3. a self opinionated out of touch nobody