Friday, 19 August 2016

By election husting at St Lawrence

In a complete volte face from a couple of days ago it is now too wet to be working in the field.  So another chance to review a video recording of  hustings.  This time it is St Lawrence

By good fortune the first question was from my friend Nick Palmer. He asked 'I looked at your online manifestos and, bar two, I found no mention of your policy on climate change. Was this an oversight or do you consider it an unimportant side issue?'

As before I'll list the responses in the same order as on  the night.  Alvin  Aaron is no longer attending hustings so no answer is given.

SF        It is not clear what are the reasons for climate change.  She has been working with the Organic Community Garden at Le Marais.  Not doing gardening, just the administration!

M O'K B 'We have to protect the environment'. She has been talking to the chair of biodiversity.  We should do more with children in schools. We should engage finance industry on green finance.

GdeF    I take climate change very seriously it is a major global problem though our impact in the Channel Islands is very small. The renewable and marine energy efforts have stalled.  We have lots of rooves, little solar.  Is that Jersey Electricity's fault?

JY       Former chair of the Environment scrutiny panel. Oversaw a major report on renewables. Agreed by States but no action.  Wants to see utility scale renewables and become exemplar in electric vehicles.

MD     He is unhappy there is no Green candidate in the by election ! Brexit covers the issues such as fishing and pollution.  The last Island Plan stated we are signed up to 300 international agreements.  No one can elucidate what they are though. 

NLeC  Agreed with MD - have to intervene and push an agenda.

CM      It was in his 10 point manifesto. Effects are critical such as sea level rise. 2015 report was damning.  Have had no action.  Have to cut cars at least have more of them electric.  Tidal and wind power needed.  Clearly arises from human activity.  We will all be living in a desert, apart from those who are living under water.

SM      'Very fair question'. The 500 word manifesto focus is on things most pressing on voters minds. It is the greatest threat affecting humanity.  We should be self sufficient in generating energy, but States deficit prohibits investment.  Support public transport - stop  increasing bus fares to help get cars off the roads.

HR     We have 32,000 private cars for 100,000 population. Needs to reduce and look at electric vehicles and public transport.

SO      Parts of St Helier are blocked off. So many things we could do. Electric cars are expensive.

Quite why the 'greatest threat to humanity' isn't  important enough to appear in a manifesto, or why you have to have a 'green ' candidate to have such vital things considered is beyond me.  Perhaps if elected representatives and those aspiring to join their number took these issues seriously they might resonate with the electorate and we wouldn't have such a high electoral abstention rate? 

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