Wednesday, 24 August 2016

By election husting St Brelade

A spot of gentle rain  and a nice reduction in temperature are very welcome.  So an early finish for the day and I've a chance to review another husting recording,  This one is St Brelade .

Before I get to another very good question , a quick comment on a couple of the speeches.  Sarah Ferguson majored on a very valid point about the shift of tax burden  and particularly the way local trading companies can be used to avoid almost all tax as long as you don't distribute profits.  Top marks for speeches from a green point of view however must go to Guy De Faye. He nailed the population growth problems and previous target busting, back to the days when 80,000 was the limit!  Better yet he actually explicitly stated the economic growth model of the CoM is bust.  The only one to do so to date that I am aware. 

The question was put by friend Glyn Mitchell who asked if it wasn't time to put more emphasis on the environment,soil and ecology rather than on the economy.  There was also a concurrent question about supporting the MTFP, so I have included that here.

MD charges are a hidden tax. EU might change that as Brexit will cause examination. Might fail their tax considerations. He attended Dr Ingham talk. Some small scale work locally. Doesn't know if Jersey soil and agriculture were ever environmentally friendly. Should be an environmental candidate on the hustings talking about this. Brexit will affect it.

CM Could not agree to MTFP in its current form, especially health charge and commercial waste charge. On environmental consequences we have to be aware of negative effect of industry and not looking carefully at Jersey's environment. Future Jersey plan needs to be put into action including climate change and global warming impacts for low coastal areas. We are not prepared. See consequences at St Aubins bay. Have ideas from SOS – need to do more.

JY. On the health  tax he will bring an amendment to put on hold until sorted out. Will vote against MTFP if that fails. Last 20 years working on  environmental matters. Proud of what has been achieved. But environment is  taken for granted in Jersey. Strange as it attracts people and is put at risk all the time. In times of economic stress environment goes even lower on priorities. Population & limiting its growth is at heart. Need urban dev plan – too densely populated in urban areas -traffic too.

SO  Glanced over MTFP quickly. Need IQ over 200 to understand. Should be thrown out as unworkable. Stealth taxes ridiculous. On environment St Aubin bay -sea lettuce, Seymore Tower infestation  of asian crabs, Dont know what we can do but they are a problem. Should put sea lettuce on fields for fertilizer. Big machine is a waste of time & money.

SF. Has record for bringing propositions against budgets. Would bring amendment for charge to be held back until promised review delivered. One of few positive EU directives is requiring rotation of crops. Awaiting SOS testing outfalls. Part of St Brelade dev group on landscape building density & tourism facilities. Have to keep nice for tourists. Identification of brown field sites for new houses.

NleC Right wing candidates will be supporting MTFP. Don't be fooled by words saying they wont do it., they will they are loyal to govt. CoM are implementing austerity programmes -preserves income of the rich. Would be great to see an environmental candidate here Greens should get themselves together and get more candidates for the coming general election. Put pressure on govt that is indifferent to such issues.

GdeF MTFP latest version has to be masterpiece of obfuscation. Need code breaker to decipher it. Very unlikely to be able to turn around the collective responsibility of CoM with their lickspittles and camp followers seeking preferment who will vote for it en masse. Will try on key points. Like accepting charges in principle without defining workings. Not fair. Keen on environment was a member of Greenpeace at school. Also need perspective. Sometime environmental things cost a lot of money. See Guernsey recycling debacle.

SM no force on heaven and earth persuade him to vote for MTFP. Problem doesn't matter how squalid some members will vote for it because the minister tells them too. Amendments will only have 1 day to be laid after election.  He will lay an amendment as deputy anyway. On environment COM doesn't think environment makes money so they ignore it. Should be self sufficient in energy. Have local talent like SOS, Glyn to make changes, don't keep bringing in UK consultants.

HR. Been involved with MTPF. Biggest problem is get to end and its not clear if you can do it. See comments of home affairs minister  on impacts on fire, police etc. more work goes to parish and Hon Police. There are areas you will have to support. Sporting programme is losing people. Vice chair of Racecourse, negotiation with environment Department on keeping character. 32,000- registered cars -more than domestic houses? More sharing more public transport. Env is important.

M OK B. Sam won't be doing propositon. She had to stand down as Centenier to stand, Sam has let down St Helier no 1 (MBF Not hes deputy for St Helier no 2district!) - should stand down too. Does not like new projects when we are overspending. Main project like schools and sewage system should go ahead. Not in favour of stealth taxes to cover infrastructure spending. Environment is expensive, start with hearts and mind. Go in schools.



  1. I agree with much of the comment on environmental issues and lack of them at the hustings , nothing would please me more than promote utility scale renewable energy and micro renewables as I did the Energy policy - but it needs to be recognised to have any influence one needs to be elected, and with one position the agenda set by the public and media has to be the focus of the few minutes we each get . John Young

  2. Why are candidates not talking about real everyday issues which the population of Jersey are having to face, such as forced removal of copper-line telephone services, and mandatory replacement by "more expensive" Fibre-Optic Technology.

    In other words, the population of the island of Jersey are being "used" to fund fibre-optic technology so that the finance industry can have this service at next to no cost to themselves.

    In an aggressive marketing campaign by Jersey Telecom islanders are being told that they must have their copper lines removed (and upon refusal are being threatened with disconnection), this of course is to provide a large customer base to financially support and subsidise a technology for the finance industry.

    Just another expensive burden forced upon the population of Jersey to yet again subsidise an industry which has captured its government and changed a democracy into a dictatorship.

    Perhaps candidates whom wish to have islanders votes may look into this facet of Island life.

  3. This is interesting:

    The slick terminology “Working really closely with the customers” does not reflect the aggressive marketing JT customers have received:

    This is also interesting:

    Although in truth, this is what it is really all about:

  4. Do the candidates have any comments on the way islanders are being used to fund fibre-optic technology for business?


    However, the cost of off-island telecommunications connectivity was suggested as a barrier to innovation for firms requiring high-volume secure data connections. Given the likely sectors in which an island like Jersey could develop deeply competitive niche clusters – such as financial technology back office functions – ensuring low-cost connectivity is critical. This is something which was considered by the Jersey Competition and Regulatory Authority (JCRA) in their 2014 consultation on business connectivity. The report states:

    “the JCRA expressed concern over the pricing of off-island connectivity, particularly of the higher capacity leased lines, and noted that this issue has been raised repeatedly by businesses in Jersey in the context of the retail market.”

    However, the JCRA concluded that “no operator is dominant in the provision of wholesale off-island leased lines in Jersey” and there is no issue of capacity being constrained. If neither competition nor capacity is an issue, this suggests that the underlying structural position of the Island is inherently higher-cost and that the issue would need to be mitigated in other ways. In practice, this might require direct support to businesses dependent on high-volume connections in order to make their business model competitive on-island.

    Source: Page 41, Jersey Innovation Review, September 2015, by Terra Allas